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Envertech Microinverter Monitoring APP Launched Online Officially

    The microinverter monitor App EnverView developed by Envertech Company has been launched online recently. Now users can read and collect their information quickly, check the installation layout, and also register online and offline. Currently the software supports Android downloads and the downloading modes are listed at the end of the news.

    Through the communication between EnverBridge and the microinverter, the related electricity generation data can be collected and analyzed. EnverBridge is an aggregate of the grid side power supply interface and Internet communication interface. On one hand, it can provide safety protection, such as over-voltage/under-voltage, over/low frequency, current leakage detection and DC component detection, on the other hand, it provides the real-time prodcution data collection, realizing global real-time data monitoring. The real-time performance of each microinverter is collected by EnverBridge and then transferred to EnverPortal data server system, thus the real-time data monitoring of the whole system can be achieved.

    Meanwhile, we provide the powerful smart monitoring system EnverPortal. Please register your information on the website and download EnverView after registration. You can visit your own power station by logging on with user name and password, check the intraday income of energy production in the main interface, and also browse the production graphs by date, etc.

    Enverview makes the monitoring and management of power generation faster and more convenient. In addition, this APP shows the real-time energy production more visually through graphs and data. Customers can dynamically switch between the historical energy production of the system and its corresponding environmental protection gains. The detailed power generation figures and historical generation data are demonstrated clearly by bar charts and line charts.

    Moreover, the simple and grand style of the APP interface, comprehensive function selections, and user-friendly interface satisfy fully the needs of smartphone users. The monitoring and management of the system can be realized faster and more conveniently by this APP through smartphones. Let’s start and explore a new era of pv power generation monitoring !

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