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    Join us and make the switch to Envertech today.

    Envertech has been a pioneer in developing microinverters since 2015. We're driven by our belief that solar energy should be reliable, user-friendly and affordable for everyone.

    Over the past decade, we’ve worked closely with our partners to create a best-in-class product that helps you make the most of your solar panel investment.

    Our microinverters are not only highly efficient but also easy to use and extremely adaptable all at a fair price. With headquarters in China and Europe, we deliver outstanding solar solutions worldwide.


    EU HQ
    Asia HQ
    Sales EU
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Shanghai, China
    15+ Countries
    Sinomag investment
    R&D team
    €16M (2023)
    95 FTE
    Amsterdam, Shanghai, Zhejiang
    Shanghai, Zhejiang


    Power your panels

    You can trust Envertech for optimised performance, safety and flexibility at a fair price. Our reliable and consistent quality is constantly updated by our R&D professionals, with personalised support throughout Europe.

    Growing together

    The key to our success throughout the years has been our collaborations with our trusted partners and our team’s ability to keep a clear and consistent focus on our goals to make solar energy obtain able for everyone.

    By working closely with our global partners and listening to their feedback, we’ve developed high-qual ity microinverters that meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations.

    Our mission

    To deliver top-of-the-line products that minimise unnecessary complexity and confusion at a fair price.


    START | Founders

    A founders team originating at one of the original innovators of microinverters

    2015 | Launch

    2017 | Growth

    Expansion to Europe

    2018 | Global

    Expansion to Brazil

    2019 | Ownership

    Fully owned by the employees

    2023 | Investment

    Strategic partnership and investment Sinomag


    Employees are Envertech’s great treasure.

    Envertech team is made up of a group of people with a passion to contribute to a clean green world.
    Contact us to get more information about our opportunities!

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    Our commitment to innovative technology, local support and affordable pricing ensures that solar power is accessible to everyone. Join us in unlocking the power of the sun as we create a brighter, more sustainable future.