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    Join us and make the switch to Envertech today.

    Envertech has been a pioneer in developing microinverters since 2015, and we’re driven by our belief that solar energy should be reliable, user-friendly and affordable for everyone.


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    Where is your company located?
    The headquarter and the factory of Envertech are in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. In 2017, we opened our branch office in Shanghai. Now our S&M and R&D departments are based in Shanghai.
    Can I connect several low-power solar panels in parallel or in series at one DC connector?
    Doing so will damage the EVT and is outside the scope of the warranty.
    What type of PV modules (panels) should I pair with EVT?
    Generally, we recommend that the maximum output power of the solar panel is 1.25 times the maximum output power of the EVT. And you can also ask our tech support for help.
    Where I can find the parameters of my inverter?
    To view specifications, visit >>>https://envertec.com/services/download-center/datasheets/
    Are EVTs ok for a coastal environment?
    Absolutely, all EVTs have done HALT testing which includes; damp heat, humidity freeze, salt mist, and UV.
    Can EVT work without a grid?
    No, the current version of EVT can only work under the condition of a power grid.
    Does the EVT have built-in reactive power control (power factor control) to avoid penalties with my utility company?
    The EVT300/360/560/720 are compliant with local regulations regarding RPC, including EN50549 and VDE AR-N 4105.
    Does EVT recommend surge protection for the PV array?
    Yes, we strongly recommend installing a whole-house surge protection device at the dedicated meter box. Please check with your local regulations and your professional installer.
    After registering the power station, why is there no power generation data displayed on the app?
    Please check if the Wi-Fi configuration has been completed.
    Can I connect using 5G Wi-Fi?
    No, in order to ensure stable signal transmission, you need to use a 2.4G Wi-Fi.
    What should I do if I change the router?
    You will need to go through the Wi-Fi configuration process again.
    How to connect the EVB300 to a Wi-Fi network?
    Video >>>https://www.youtube.com/shorts/RnSP70QQnCE
    What is the SN of EVB/201/202/300?
    The SN or serial number is located on the back or side of the device and is an 8-digit number starting with ‘9’ (e.g., 94000236).
    I have recently changed my internet environment. How do I reconnect my EVB300 to the internet via Wi-Fi?
    How many PV modules can connect to a single EVB300 for reliable communication and management?
    60 per phase, up to 180 three-phase.
    Does the EVB consume lots of energy?
    No, hardly consumes electricity.
    My utility will not let me put excess power back onto the grid. Do you have a function in the EVB300 to prevent exporting power to the grid?
    Yes, you can avoid power grid reinjection/exporting by having your installer configure the EVB300 with the Zero Export function in Local Mode on EnverView APP. By the way, you also need a current sensor to realize this function.
    What is the meaning of the red LED of the Network light on EVB300?
    It means EVB300 lost its internet connection, please check the network.
    What is the difference between EVB202 and EVB300?
    The EVB202 is a basic monitoring gateway, while the EVB300 has advanced functions; metering function, zero export, and redundant energy control.
    What is the EnverView APP?
    The EnverView APP is an end user APP for end users, with this APP users can set up the system and monitor power production.
    What is the difference between EnverView APP and EnvertecPortal?
    EnverView APP is a mobile application and EnvertecPortal is a web viewer. Both of them can be used to monitor the power production of your system. But there are more functions on the EnverView APP.
    What if I forget the password of my account?
    You could go to the login page and input your username, then click forget password. An email with a password will be sent to your registration mailbox.
    I forgot the username for my account. What should I do?
    You can send an email to tech@envertec.com with your EVB SN. Our technical support team will help you to find the username.
    I just bought a second-hand EnverBridge and the previous owner didn’t transfer the login credentials to me, how can I access the monitoring?
    You can send an email to tech@envertec.com with your EVB SN. Our support will help to set up an Envertech account for the new owner.
    My utility bill shows a different amount of energy produced last month than shown in the EnvertecPortal. Why is there a difference?
    The EnverBridge collects a snapshot of data from each microinverter on the DC side every 5 minutes during operation and was not designed to be a highly accurate revenue-grade meter (RGM). The utility company utilizes a revenue grade meter which constantly measures power production on the AC side and as such collects data in real-time. The EnverBridge is intended to demonstrate power production, not record revenue-grade data. The energy production numbers shown in the EnvertecPortal are an estimate based on these infrequent intervals and will often be different from those shown in your utility bill for reasons of monitoring frequency, accuracy, and what’s being measured (AC vs DC).
    In my EnvertecPortal or EnverView APP, I don’t see power production. Can you help?
    Verify that the AC breakers are in the on position, and power is connected all the way to the end of each branch circuit and that the panels are clean. We do not recommend homeowners do electrical work or climb up onto the roof. We highly recommend you contact a professional solar installer to troubleshoot and repair any issues with your system.
    Is my username and password for both EnvertecPortal and EnverView APP?
    Yes, the login information is the same.
    Is the monitoring device mandatory for Envertech solar system?
    No. Envertech monitoring device is optional.
    Can your monitoring device work without Internet?
    Yes. Our EVB300 has integrated local monitoring software, which means you can view or manage your system data on your computer or smart phone even without Internet.
    If I want to check more detailed data, can I have the installer account?
    Envertech does not support DIY self-installers, only authorized installers can apply for the installer account.
    How do I view my system’s energy production online or on my smartphone?
    For every PV system powered by Envertech microinverters, monitoring is available for the end-user when the PV system is hooked up with an EnverBridge connected to the internet at home. Using the EnverView APP or the Envertecportal, the end-user can monitor the performance of their system on a daily /monthly/yearly basis even when they are not at home.
    I think there’s a problem with my solar array. What do I do?
    Contact your original solar installer. They can help resolve your issue, whether it is a log-in problem, a production issue, or hardware. They are licensed and certified for troubleshooting and, if needed, replacing our product. If they need additional support, they will contact us. If your solar installer is no longer available, we can refer you to an experienced installer in your area.
    What if I want to change my system settings?
    Your system settings are defined as per grid and code requirements and should only be changed in rare circumstances. For example, if your system is located in an area where the grid performance is unstable, the parameters can be adjusted to tolerate the grid’s instability. If you experience such issues with the grid in your area, please contact your solar installer. They have the ability to adjust the necessary parameters of your system.

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