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    March 01, 2024 214


    Exciting announcement for all the solar and photography enthusiasts! Envertech is now hosting a professional solar energy photography contest for 2024. You need at least 3 high resolution photos of your Envertech solar project. Tell us more about your Envertech microinverters in the project(s) and you may win the big prize!

    Prize Setting

    Gold Award: €200 Amazon Gift Card

    Silver Award: €100 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners)

    Bronze Award: €50 Amazon Gift Card (5 winners)

    *For winners who are not using EU amazons, you will receive the same value of giftcards on your local amazon website or local shopping website. Exchange rates will be calculated as per Bloomberg exchange rates on the announcement date respectively. Envertech has the right to adjust third party platforms to offer the prizes.

    Competition Process

    Please include all the details for the project(s). Make sure your the project(s) submission has sufficient the project information, pictures with Envertech products applied. Each project will be given one submission reference code.

    1. Download the Excel sheet attached with the page and fill them out as detailed as you can.
    Click to download: /attached/file/20240301/20240301184521_26262.xlsx

    2. Submit the excel sheet with your professional photos to info@envertec.com.

    3. Receive the submission code from info@envertec.com, once submission is successful.

    4. Wait for the announcement of the prizes.

    Submission dates: Mar 1st to Apr 30th, 2024
    Evaluation dates: May 1st to May 15th, 2024

    Announcement dates: May 15th to May 30th, 2024

    Submission Rules

    Participants must read and agree to comply with the competition rules before submitting their works. By submission, participants agree to the competition rules. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that violate the rules.
    Each project can only participate for one time. Any repeated submissions will be considered for the same project and will only be given one submission code.
    If there are multiple collaborators, consent from all collaborators must be obtained, and all collaborators' names must be indicated.

    Participants are advised to read the participation notice carefully and treat the competition and the organizer's brand seriously. They should not submit works in the name of the competition that are illegal, spoofed, or misrepresented.

    Content Guidelines

    Projects submitted by participants must be original and not used commercially or authorized for use by others. Participants must own the copyright of the material. In the event of copyright disputes during the competition or commercial use, the participant shall bear all the legal responsibilities.
    During the competition period, participants are not allowed to participate in activities similar to or related to this competition on other platforms or organized by other brands.
    Avoid including flags, anthems, emblems, maps, military symbols, songs, or any content related to the sovereignty of any country.
    Ensure that the content does not harm the dignity or interests of any country, disclose state secrets, disrupt social stability, harm public interests, compromise personal or property safety, disclose personal privacy, disrupt social order, or violate social norms.
    Do not include vulgar, pornographic, gambling-related, superstitious, terrorist, or violent content.
    Avoid any discriminatory content based on nationality, race, religion, or gender.
    Ensure that the content does not harm the physical or mental health of minors or individuals with disabilities.
    Do not impede environmental protection, natural resource conservation, or cultural heritage preservation.
    Ensure that the content does not infringe upon the rights of third parties.
    Refrain from including content related to competing brands in the same industry as the organizer.
    This competition does not accept submissions of artificial intelligence works or works produced using AIGC.

    Competition Management

    Due to the large number of submissions in the later stages of the competition, participants are advised to submit their works as early as possible, and avoid duplicate submissions. Once successful, the participant will be given a unique submission code for reference.

    During the competition, the organizer and contractor will identify and investigate the originality of the works one by one and have the right to delete works that violate the rules, disqualify participants, and revoke awards. If you have any questions during the competition, you can contact info@envertec.com for more information.


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