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  • EnverView APP 4.0 Is Now Available Online

    February 23, 2024 786

    On February 23, 2024, Envertech's much-anticipated EnverView 4.0 version officially debuted on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Envertech has taken another crucial stride on the path of continuous technological innovation and user experience enhancement. This latest version amalgamates cutting-edge technology with user feedback, offering users a more convenient and intelligent user experience.

    New Interface Design

    We have revamped the user interface of the monitoring software to ensure smoother and more intuitive operations. The sleek yet sophisticated design aligns with modern aesthetics, facilitating effortless navigation through Enver's monitoring software and quicker access to required information.

    Night Mode

    The introduction of the Night Mode feature allows users to enjoy a more comfortable experience when using the application late at night. Bid farewell to eye fatigue and conveniently monitor today's photovoltaic income during the tranquil hours of the night after a busy day.

    Energy Flow Chart

    We have introduced an energy flow chart to provide users with deeper insights into energy usage. Through intuitive charts, users can easily observe the output and grid connection status of photovoltaic systems at a glance. Additionally, we have pre-configured access to energy storage and will soon release a list of compatible battery brands, enabling users to select from multiple energy storage systems based on their preferences and promptly assess the status of the entire photovoltaic energy storage system.

    Multilingual Support

    Bonjour! To cater to French users more effectively, this software upgrade includes a French language option. Presently, EnverView offers monitoring software interfaces in 8 languages, catering to users across more than 20 countries and regions.

    In addition to the aforementioned features, EnverView is equipped with the mainstream Wi-Fi configuration function available in the market. The local Bluetooth network configuration function is also set to be launched soon! Envertech remains dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, striving to deliver high-quality services and experiences to users. Scan the QR code above or visit the Google/Apple App Store to download the latest version of EnverView 4.0 APP and embark on an unparalleled experience!

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