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  • Envertech and Micro PC Systems Team Up to Advance Solar Energy Solutions in Sri Lanka

    February 24, 2024 382

    Envertech has been a pioneer in microinverter development since 2015 and we firmly believe that solar energy should be reliable, user-friendly and affordable for everyone. Over the past decade, we have worked closely with partners around the world. That being said, the dynamic and promising Sri Lankan market is one important strategic market for Envertech.

    Sri Lanka is unwavering in its support for advancing the renewable energy sector, with a bold vision to achieve 70% of its electricity production from renewable sources by 2030. Envertech is delighted to partner with Micro PC Systems, a leading solar provider in Sri Lanka, to actively contribute to the expansion of renewable energy. Through our collaboration, we aim to offer local customers a reliable and safe solar energy solution, furthering the nation's transition towards sustainable energy practices.

    In this partnership, Envertech extends extensive technical assistance to the Micro PC team. Micro PC technicians undergo rigorous online training sessions conducted by Envertech's technical engineers and are awarded the prestigious ENVERTECH Certified Solar System Technician certificate upon completion. Furthermore, Micro PC's technical academy center will arrange localized offline or online installer (installer/technician trainings) training sessions to guarantee the quality of solar system installations, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance. Moreover, end users can also benefit directly from experts’ knowledge sharing to know well what & how their systems are doing. With Micro PC's professional instruction team at the helm, solar energy users in Sri Lanka can rest assured they are receiving top-notch service and expertise.

    Envertech remains steadfast in its dedication to delivering cost-effective, secure, and highly efficient solar solutions worldwide. Through our collaboration with the expert team at Micro PC Systems, we are poised to redefine the landscape of renewable energy development in Sri Lanka. Together, we envision a future marked by cleaner and more sustainable energy practices, empowering communities and driving progress towards a brighter tomorrow.

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