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    January 01, 2023 449
    Dates Exhibition Name Booth no. Country City
    Jan 17th - 19th Solar Energy Expo C1.42a Poland Warsaw
    Feb 21st - 23rd Genera 10A31 Spain Madrid
    Mar 2nd - 4th Solartech Indonesia A3Q3-05 Indonesia Jakarta
    Mar 3rd - 5th WeBuild B1070 Austria Wells
    Mar 14th - 16th Solar Solutions A5 Netherlands Amsterdam
    Mar 21st - 23rd Be Positive 2.1D40 France Lyon
    Mar 22nd - 24th Key Energy D6-051 Italy Rimini
    Apr 12th - 14th Green Energy EXPO F-260 South Korea Daegu
    May 15th - 16th The Solar Show Philippines Q23 the Philippines Manila
    May 24th - 26th SNEC N4 - 580 China Shanghai
    Jun 14th - 16th InterSolar Europe B3.141 Germany Munich
    Aug 29th - 31st Intersolar South America B8.60C Brazil Sao Paulo
    Sep 5th - 7th Intersolar Mexico Hall D.302 Mexico Mexico City
    Sep 13th - 15th PV Expo E12-39 Japan Chiba
    Oct 4th - 6th REI 11.114 India New Delhi
    Oct 10th - 12th Zero Emission Mediterranean Hall 1 - A20-B19 Italy Roma
    Oct 25th - 26th All-Energy Australia YY123 Australia Melbourne
    Nov 29th - 30th Solar Solutions Düsseldorf C6 Germany Düsseldorf

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